Since 1934, HECTOR MARTINEZ E HIJOS has been dedicated to the manufacturing of blades for leather industry becoming the first Argentine company of more than four generations in such sector.

Over the years, HECTOR MARTINEZ E HIJOS has gone through different periods and processes of change that have been building trust and experience.

Our company has had a period in which, not only has it devoted to blades manufacturing, but also it has offered, at the same time, the services of machines repairing and blades installation. These complementary services have contributed wide experience to our technical team for the moment of providing support to our clients.

Since the last decade, our company has broadened its objectives by developing an accessories division for tanneries. Under the name of MH ACCCESORIOS S.R.L., the company launches a line of products that is traded by means of agreements or representations provided by leading companies in the sector.

One of the main factors was that the company AWUKO GMBH (Germany) placed its trust in us to be part of its Exclusive Agents Net and gave us the Exclusive Sale of its abrasive supplies in Argentina.

At present, the group HECTOR MARTINEZ E HIJOS has a whole conception of skin processing. We offer products and knowledge considering the complete process of leather transformation.