HECTOR MARTINEZ E HIJOS is the product of the combination of the experience and background of different generations in conjunction with a new generation of professionals increasingly contributing new commitments and challenges, and help to understand the new needs that different markets demand.

The company also is in full interaction with the environment enabling the continuous improvement of the company pointed to higher yields and greater profits to help cope with the highest demands of our customers.

Our more than 80 years in the market once again reaffirm the commitment and guarantee national leaders be. Today, thanks to this, much of the leading tanneries and manufacturers of machines and fleshing have chosen us and have given us their support and trust to be part of your company. Day by day we are making to achieve one of our main objectives and fulfill the mission of the company, to be able to reach all the tanner world with the requirement, seriousness and maturity that the same demand.

The company has a large and varied stock of blades ranging from 450 mm. up to 3400mm. which they allow an important logistics centers and distribution shortening the time and distance with our customers help. This variety of models point to the supply of the various machines and fleshing world leaders in the tanner. Among them are RIZZI, Mosconi, Poletto, FLAMAR, PERSIAN, SEIKO, MERCIER, CM, MAQ-HORN, 3P, SVIT, among others.

Our blades are made in patterns of identical characteristics to the cylinders used in machines and fleshing, achieving uniform throughout the range of steps that we have in our production line accuracy.

Modernization and incorporation of instruments used in the measurement and control of our blades, always aimed at minimizing uncertainties, enable us to deliver product to meet the needs of different markets demand, and in turn, make a product regular and uniform to facilitate the task of the place.